Old Ride Right Course

The Ride Right course will set the foundation for your riding experience. You will learn about safety, techniques, and the rules of the road. There are three parts to the course. The first is the online Classroom session videos where you will gain the knowledge. Next is the Quiz. Finally, the third is the Practical session where you will put that knowledge to work and gain the skills to be a safe and competent rider.

Course Fee: $30

Register Online at Courtenay Recreation

Follow this link to register for the July 22 or August 19 Course


Ride Right – Safe Cycling Course

Date: Saturday – July 22, 2023 / Saturday – August 19, 2023
Time: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Location: Filberg Rotary Hall
Description: This half-day course will teach you the rules of the road and allow them to put that knowledge to use in a guided road riding experience. Participants will come away with greater cycling confidence, allowing them to safely ride most anywhere within an urban setting. This course is very useful for both new and experienced cyclists, although basic bike handling skills are required.

What to Bring: Bicycle in good working order, recommend a mirror, approved helmet, closed toed shoes, hi-vis vest or visible clothing, appropriate clothing for the weather and water.