Ride Right

The Ride Right course will set the foundation for your riding experience. You will learn about safety, techniques, and the rules of the road. There are three portions to the course. The first is the Classroom session where you will gain the knowledge. Second is to complete the Quiz. Finally, the third is the Practical session where you will put that knowledge to work and gain the skills to be a safe and competent rider.

Step 1:

Classroom Session Videos

Watch the videos to gain the knowledge to Ride Right.

Step 2:

Register for the Quiz

After you have watched the Classroom Session videos, Register for the Quiz

Step 3:

Take the Quiz

Completing the Quiz is a prerequisite to registering for the Practical Session

Step 4:

Register for Practical Session

Select the second option “Practical Session” to register.

Our coordinator will contact you to make arrangements.